Unable to view the odometry arrow and car in unit3

I can only see the car body, when I choose the link_chassis or left or right wheels as thew fixed frame, but not the odom.

If I choose odom as the fixed frame, I cannot see anything.

Hi @jokerr, welcome to the community!

This makes sense because the robot model and odometry are displayed in the robot frame. If you also want to see the odometry in rviz, then turn add the TF Display

Hi, @roalgoal Thanks for the replying.
I retried the same process without changing anything from the screenshow I posted above. I can see the robot moving and the arrow, as you can see below. I think there is something wrong with the system which may not respond well before.

I am guessing there was a problem where the TFs between odom and the robot were not connected. I recommed always including it in rviz to check if theres and issue with them.

Also rviz needs to be restarted often when things in the simulation change