Librealsense and other requirements with arm64 issues - can I run multiple versions of ros2 on the same robot

I’m finding issues relating mostly to Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 on ARM64 computers where a requirement like librealsense installs on Ubuntu 20.04 AMD64 but not ARM64 but the newest ros versions run on Ubuntu 20.04 or higher.

If I run librealsense in a docker container on Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS eloquent on ARM64 and other ROS applications and services and topics on Foxy or higher on Ubuntu 20.04 on ARM64 is that “OK”? Yes, I have to set up networking but I don’t need to run ROSBridge.

Thoughts please

A response from Dusty on nvidia forums suggests that getting CUDA working between Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 (Jetpack 4.6 and 5.0 respectively) is much harder than getting librealsense working on Ubuntu.

So my main reason for running different versions of ROS2 on the same system have gone, but if anyone wants to post an opinion on whether that would be a good or bad thing please do feel free.

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