Learning path in trajectory generation

I am a graduate student in trajectory planning and have no previous knowledge in this area.

I would like to optimize path planning algorithms, such as A*, to generate and plan trajectories for UAVs or vehicles in complex environments and to simulate them in a robotics operating system.

Could you please recommend a learning path?

Thank you

Hi @zlwnge , i am assuming that you are new to ROS itself, so the learning path is as follows:

  1. Code foundation for ROS. This will teach you about the code basics, in case you are new to linux and python.

  2. Learn the Basics of ROS (so that future course content makes sense)

  3. Under Robotics Theory, take this course on path planning basics to know the theory.

  4. These courses teach you the practical approach to different path planning algorithms.

If you need more info, do reach out.

Welcome to the community :grinning:

alright, thank you for your advice!

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