Course or Tutorial that actually does a SLAM robot using raspberry pi, arduino,

Hello all, can someone suggest a tutorial, article, thesis or anything that actually covers on a making of an actual SLAM robot using arduino and raspberry pi?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @nabil.haidar1998, have you already built the robot with the raspberry pi and arduino? You can install ROS or ROS 2 in the raspberry pi and use the arduino to build a motor driver and connect it to the raspberry pi. Here is a link that might help you: A Full Autonomous Stack, a Tutorial | ROS + Raspberry Pi + Arduino + SLAM – Yorai. You will also need a LIDAR for SLAM to work.

If you already have a robot working, then you can go into our navigation courses and treat the robot there as your own, because it will work in the same way.

If I understand correctly, you’ll have to separate your work in two sections: 1. Building a ROS robot, and then, 2. Make it do SLAM

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