Would it be okay to stream parts of the courses on Twitch?

Hey! I will be working on a project in robotics for my master’s thesis, and I would like to document my progress and sometimes stream the development on Twitch. However, I am currently only in the “learn robotics and ROS as fast as possible” phase, so I’m mainly doing courses here. Would it be okay If I did parts of the courses on the stream?

To be clear I’m only thinking about starting streaming. I don’t have any followers that would watch the stream from the get-go.

Hey John,

Thank you for asking!

To give a proper answer, we would like to know what “parts of the courses” would entail. How would it look like?


So currently, I am working on several courses in parallel, and at the same time, I’m trying to apply some of the knowledge to my project in a local environment. So I’m switching between the courses and my personal development. That being said, I think the streaming would entail sharing my screen and camera while I might be working on some part of one of the courses I am currently working on or solving a particular problem inside the course. Since I will be working on these courses (and the development itself) outside of the streams as well, it will mostly be random parts of some units. I definitely don’t plan on sharing a whole course from beginning to end and I would certainly encourage any viewer to check out the platform themself and consider subscribing for the courses.

That would be okay.

Thanks for providing the details.

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