What I will get if I take subscription?

Hi there,
I am following your courses on youtube and I found helpful, I am interested to take subscription. I like to know what all material I will get?

I have developed a ROS2 galactic based robot and used “linorobot2” packages, able to navigate. Everything works fine. I am stuck at localization of the robot. Robot does not localize itself.

In the course contest, am I going to get notebook and other resources shown in the course video to achieve my goal or not?
An early reply is appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @plusnode ,

There are two types of subscriptions that you can see on the subscription page (along with pricing).
You can either choose the regular or the enterprise one. With enterprise you can access all the enterprise courses along with other courses. With regular, you can access everything except enterprise courses.
All that you can access in each version of the license will be shown on the subscription page.

I hope this helps.


The response is irrelevant to the question, weather I can get the course material (notebook, source code and other ros2 packages) or not.
Please be straight.
Thank you.


@girishkumar.kannan’s is right. You can see what you’ll get on the subscription page.

If taking the courses, you’ll have to create the source code as you follow the notes. And you’ll have access to your code forever.

If you want ROS 1 or 2 packages already created, you can check public rosjects or Open Classes.

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