What about Pose?

In unit 5, demo 3.1 we were asked to send the following goal pose to move_group

pose_target = geometry_msgs.msg.Pose()
pose_target.orientation.w = 1.0
pose_target.position.x = 0.96
pose_target.position.y = 0.0
pose_target.position.z = 1.18

As much as I’ve understood, the referece frame could be known from :


But where did we defined this frame as reference ? (could it be changed ?)
And which frame of the robot is meant to become <0.96, 0.0, 1.18> from this reference frame?
my understanding of the command is a little bit foggy

Hello @mwk0900.na ,

The planning frame is taken from the robot’s URDF file and it cannot be changed (at least in a simple way). The frame which is meant to go to the position <0.96, 0.0, 1.18> is the end effector (usually the last link of the arm). You should be able to get/set this link also with: