Unable to enter any commands

Hi, I am unable to enter any commands. If someone could let me know and how I can fix this. I did the incorrect step here and now I can’t move forward. Thank you!


What exactly did you do to generate this issue?

In theory refreshing the page could fix that issue

Hi @celenemeraz ,

I suppose you opened the file using vi / vim.

Remember that in order to be able to insert code using vim, you have to enable the INSERT mode by pressing the “i” key.

Just try the following:

  • Click the web shell to give it focus
  • Open the file using vi
  • pres “i” to enable INSERT mode.
  • Start inserting whatever code you ant

To exit from vim , just press ESC, then “:q!” if you don’t want to save any changes, or “:x” if you want to save the changes.

Please let us know if you face any other problems.

Thank you very much. I refreshed it as I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

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Thank you very much! I will follow this next time. Thanks again!

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