Unable to correctly set amcl parameters (ROSNav Project)

I am trying to complete the ROS Navigation project. However I am facing issues with the summit_xl robot. When I try to create amcl with specific parameters for the summit_xl, it doesn’t show up correctly.

These are my parameters to configure the amcl


However after launching the amcl node, if I check the amcl_descriptions this is what shows up


Unfortunately due to this I am getting a frame “map” not found error.

Please help me resolve this. Thanks in advance.

Hello @sujayshaunak ,

You have to remove this line from your amcl launch:

<include file="$(find summit_xl_navigation)/launch/move_base.launch" />

In this launch file you are loading another amcl parameters, so they are conflicting with yours.

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Thank you. That solved my problem.