Turtlebot's LaserScan range_min and range_max are not changing

I’m trying to solve the mini project in the 5 days course.
I’m moving the Turtlebot around, but when I’m looking at the callback of the LaserScan msg, the values of range_min and range_max are fixed and not changing even though my bot is moving around toward the maze walls.

What am I missing here?


Hello @omer1fc242f2a0ee4cb2 ,

The values range_min and range_max indicate the maximum and minimum range of your laser, as per the specifications of the physical laser, which is something that will always be the same.

The ranges array contains the actual readings of the laser beams, which are the values that will be changing depending on your robot’s movement.


Thank you!
I got the documentation wrong :slight_smile: