The meaning of 'effort' in robotics

Hello, I 'm a beginner of robotics & ROS.
In some courses, I have seen a word ‘effort’.
I couldn’t find the understandable meaning of effort in google. so I post this.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

Hello @m6488,

in the context of robotics control effort means force in the case of linear joints and torque in the case of rotary joints. The term “effort” is used because it is a more generic term that can be applied to both types of joints. Let me give you an example in case of linear joints. So if you are applying a certain effort to a linear joint you are applying a certain force and the values applied are in newtons (N). Think for instance a gripper: when the end-effector comes into contact with a rigid surface a force sensor mounted at the end effector can be used in the feedback loop to precisely control the force applied to the object being grasped. You would not apply the same force to grasp an empty cardboard as you would to grasp a steel bar, right?

As I said, my previous statements are specific for effort in the context of robotic control, but maybe you have seen effort used in a different context? If that is the case I would kindly ask you to post the Course and Unit number where you read about it so that we can have more context and provide you with an answer in that specific context.




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