Suggestion for a change in ROS1 Bridge chapter time - ROS2 Basics course - Python

Hi The Construct Team,

I just finished ROS2 Basics in 5 Days course with Python. Initially, when I started with final chapter - ROS1_Bridge - which said that Time for completion is 6 hours, I was a little surprised.
But, I completed the chapter in about 40 minutes.

So this post is just a suggestion to change the 6 hours to something lesser.
My educated suggestion would be 1.5 hours.
Reason: It took me 40 mins to understand since I have completed ROS1 before taking ROS2.
If someone takes ROS2 course first without taking ROS1, then the time would double - for 1.5 hours.
Even if somebody wants to know more about ROS1_Bridge, by following the documentation links posted in the chapter, it would take them an additional 30 minutes only. So that would be around 2 hours.

So, 1.5 hours instead of 6 hours would be a best replacement.



Hello @girishkumar.kannan ,

Many thanks for the feedback. I’ve already changed that in the notebook.

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