Spawn a URDF model in GAZEBO with ROS2

I was working on part 2 of the course spawn a URDF model in Gazebo with ROS2 yesterday, with a lot of efforts due to a few mistakes in the filenames and tabbing and some more issues.

When i got to the part of controlling the laser i got stuck and couldn’t compile my packages. coming back to it today, and the course is different, without the last part of the advanced controlling and ros2_contorller. Did you changed the course?

How can i get back to the notebook from yesterday with the full code?

Thank you.

Hello @eyaleyal,

apologies for the inconvenience the course is undergoing a review so this is why the content was missing for some hours. Now you will find two new units:

  • Unit 4: Moving the robot
  • Unit 5: Sensing
    With the contents that you are looking for.

I would also kindly ask you to point me to the mistakes in the filenames, tabbing and other If you could. I would correct them right away and this would be very helpful for further students.

Thanks you very much,