RViz's 2D Nav Goal button does not work with Unit4 and Unit5 exercise launch files

Right now I’m at Unit 5 adding code to the unit5_exercise.py file. However, none of the graphs show up on the RViz when I use the 2D Nav Goal (after the message that I am able to do it now).

I get a message: “[ INFO] [1641550470.739555565, 2846.542000000]: Got new plan” but nothing happens in the RViz. The same issue was with uni4_exercise.py launch as well.

I am running this on Firefox 95.0.2 (64-bit) on Mac OS 12.0.1.

Hello @Gabriele ,

I’ve just tested the first exercise of Unit 5 (exercise 5.2.1) and it’s working OK for me (I get the expected output in Rviz):

Can you please confirm that you don’t get this output?