RVIZ Virtual Camera on a Webpage

I am interested in creating a virtual camera in RVIZ and publishing this video to the mJpegCanvasJS on the webppage. In fact, I’d like to show 2 different perspectives with 2 virtual cameras on the webpage.

This is very new to me and I am a beginner. Will you please let me know how I can achieve this goal with an example?

Thanks so much!


I would recommend you to start with the course on WebDevelopementForROS

It will give you all the tools you need to do exactly that :wink:

@duckfrost thanks for your message!

I have already gone through that course. Yet, I’m not sure how to create the RViz virtual camera to stream it into the webpage.

The main challenge is how do I create the RViz virtual camera in the ROS Development Studio and publish it as a video stream.

Can you please provide more information? Has anybody else solved this problem?

@marco.nc.arruda can you please provide guidance and steps to follow? I would truly appreciate.

Thank you!