Rviz base_link query!

In Unit 2.1 , creating robot model, using launch file in rviz, the screen appears have the fixed frame base_link and a box of white color. My question is how rviz knows the box of same size as defined in robot.urdf?
Although when i select fixed frame as link_chassis, then model defined in urdf appears.

Hi @misbahsuhail123,

RViz checks the “robot_description” param.

It does something like this:

rosparam get /robot_description

The base link is used as the “initial point of reference”, let’s say, so that the position of all parts/frames of a robot is calculated with reference to the base link.

Let’s say the tip of your finger is 20 cm away from the point of reference. If you set a wrist as the point of reference, the “simulation” will be correct. If you set your neck as the point of reference, the finger will be in the wrong place/location.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

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