Rosject Course Project

Hello ROS community,

I have not done an ROS project before and am having a bit of difficulty getting the code to run properly. I am currently getting a “No Such File or Directory” error:

Currently not sure of the workaround here. I appreciate any assistance.


Hi @mykullrizzo ,

could you tell us the ROS Distro you are using? Is it ROS Galactic?

Also, if possible, could you send here the Share Link that can be used to get a copy of your rosject (this is only valid for rosjects, not for courses)?

Also, could you tell us the command you are running when you get this error?

If the error is on a course, could you tell us which Unit of which Course are you facing the issue?

This ROS distro is ROS Noetic.

I am not certain I can share the link for this particular project. It is from the course project of ROS in 5 Days (python version).

I am getting this error after I create a package, add in my script/launch file, and catkin_make/source. Here is the specific command I use before getting the error:

         roslaunch wall_follow_nav_pkg wall_follow_nav.launch 

If you go to the ROS Basics course, the real robot project first appears in unit 4.

Update: It appears to have had something to do with a “broken symlink”. I have not got the robot moving around yet, but once I put forward one resolution to the symlink issue, the program started without crashing.

Final Update: I was using the terminal inside the code editor to launch to program. After minimizing the code editor and using the webshell inside the python notebook, the program ran without issue.