ROSDS-PART 1 TOPICS - (How-to) procedure to make simulation program


I tried to understand on how to write my first simulation program for PART 1: TOPICS in ROSDS.

I am of opinion that someone who created the lecture for which we are paying it should describe better the procedure on how to write the program for the first time. Here, it is only written to Create the wall following program and test it on the simulation.
I think that someone should provide a bit more information on how to create the program and test it. Like this we can try for months and never reach the result.

I would appreciate any support on how to start the program and test it.
My questions would be following:

  1. Which workspace we should consider? (I guess simulation_ws)
  2. Should we create completely new package? I see there are many packages already created.
  3. Can we get some starting code example from where we should start?

Thank you for any support
Igor V

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Hi @iv20023 ,

Thanks for pointing out your doubts, we are always listening to feedback and improving our system.

  1. ROSDS provides the simulation_ws as a suggestion of development pattern, but you can also work with simulations inside catkin_ws.

About questions 2 and 3, Iā€™m not sure where you get these instructions, is it related to some course of the platform or youtube video?


Dear Marco,

It is related to the Ros Basics in 5 days, chapter 4. Understanding ROS topics&messages ā†’ last part of the chapter, rosject in ROSDS. There is not enough information on how to start the project, in which workspace, how to create launch file for simulation. System is extremely slow and not practical to work with. However, you insist this task to be finished before going to the next lecture.

My questions is where do you suggest to create the new package for this rosject simulation (and later in the real robot project) and how to configure launch file for it?

Thank you for support
Igor V

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Hi @iv20023 ,

In this exercise you have the freedom to create your own package and place your files inside.

Or if you want to go straight to the program itself, you could also place a python file inside the existing packages.

My suggestion is that you create your own package so you can practice everything you learnt so far.
You can use either simulation_ws or catkin_ws, it will not make difference, since the workspaces environment are connected.
Using the simulation_ws is simpler, though if you want to choose, go for this one.

About system being slow, it is not supposed to be like that. We may have latency to start the rosject when we have many people opening at the same time, but since you have it running, you should have a smooth experience inside of it.
Is there any specific app being slow? e.g: IDE or simulation?

Iā€™d be glad to have your feedback and help you solving these issues