ROS2 Python Package Convention

Is the following the ROS2 python package convention?
Put modules that you want to import in a folder with the same name as the package, and put ros nodes/py scripts in a script folder? In this case, what changes do I need to make to the following file to create an executable out of the file that is in the scripts folder?

import os
from glob import glob

from setuptools import setup

package_name = "my_package"

        ("share/ament_index/resource_index/packages", ["resource/" + package_name]),
        ("share/" + package_name, ["package.xml"]),
    description="TODO: Package description",
    license="TODO: License declaration",
        "console_scripts": [
            "my_script= my_package.my_script:main"

When you create a package, a second sub-directory the same name as your package gets created. So something like:

You can put your scripts in there, next to that the python file

For the executable, this is the logic in console_scripts:

[name of executable] = [name of package].[name of file]:main

If you add a directory /scripts, then you wouldn’t need to add it there, at least I don’t think so.

Hi @roalgoal , for clarification, I would like to create an executable out of a script that resides in the scripts folder. However, if I leave the way it is in my first post then, colcon compiles the package without any complaints. However, when I ros2 run the executable then, it says it can’t find the module named my_package.my_script. What am I doing wrong? Also, FYI, I’m using the ament_python system and not ament_cmake_python.

I was able to resolve this issue today. So this is useful for future readers, the solution is to specify the scripts folder as a python package and also state the entry point referencing the scripts folder as follows:
packages=[package_name, 'scripts'],

        "console_scripts": [
            "my_script= scripts.my_script:main"

@roalgoal , thanks for your help!

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