ROS Basics in 5days C++ chapter 4: /scan topic suddenly start giving ranges[] =0 from 0-719

I am trying to run turtlebot3 rosject. /Scan topic was working fine but suddenly it start throwing zero value for each range. I refreshed the tab, relaunched the real robot lab but still issue persist.


relaunched the real robot lab

do you mean relaunching the simulation? I don’t see a booking registered in our system. If that is so, make sure that the simulation is playing while you are trying to echo topics. Do any of the others work?

If only the scan is not working in the simulation, then something must have been changed in the simulation_ws and you are better off forking a new copy of the rosject. If you do so, realize that you will need to download the packages you have done so far so you can move them to the new copy.

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