Ros 5 days quiz attempts finished

Hi, last year I registered on the construct and I started ros in 5 days with python, and I was able to successfully finish the topics quiz in which I got 7 out of 10 but unfortunately I left the course in between due to insufficient time. Now, last month I again started the course but I had forgotten that there are only 5 attempts allowable and I submitted the quiz this time by mistake(last time it took 4 attempts so only 1 was left this time) and now I am not able to submit it again. I request you to kindly unlock 1 attempt for me so that I can submit the quiz as my solution is ready and I have also done the basic rosject part 1. Please help otherwise I won’t be able to get certificate, Thanks.

I have a similar problem. In my case it was a bug in the quiz

@navjotsinghsodhi52 @Clistenes

I’m sorry we cannot add more trials for you because, as our records show, you have viewed the solutions in the past.

Besides, passing only this Quiz will not grant you a certificate. You need to pass the other quizzes in the ROS Basic in 5 Days course (Services and Action quizzes) as well as the other courses on the learning path that awards the ROS for Beginners certificate. You also need to pass the exam of the path. You need a score of at least 8 (you should target 10) in the other quizzes and the exam to get a certificate.

Hi, Just asking again to confirm, If I manage to do the other quizzes and pass the exam, will I still be able to get the certificate in spite of getting no marks in quiz 1, thanks

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