Robot_localization node not localizing nor moving robot

I’m following unit 2 of Mastering with ROS: Summit XL and I’m starting the start_navigation_with_gps_ekf.launch launch file as directed in the tutorial. I then use Rviz to set a 2D nav goal but the robot does not move. I get the following error in the console:

[ WARN] [1615127018.620337194, 444.831000000]: The robot's start position is off the global costmap. Planning will always fail, are you sure the robot has been properly localized?
[ WARN] [1615127018.819773876, 445.028000000]: Rotate recovery behavior started.

I also tried the 2D pose estimate but as we are no longer using AMCL it does not surprice me that it did not have any effect.

I noticed start_movebase_map.launch has a lot of rosparam configuration referring to yaml files in a new_config directory which is NOT provided so I copied the existing config directory and renamed it to new_config to stop the file-not-found errors.

I have followed the steps as closly as possible twice but the robot still does not move in opposition to what your text suggects.

I need help, please.

ps: the link to this forum from the tutorial is not working

Hello @adeoduye ,

That’s an error in the notebook. There’s no need to create this new start_movebase_map.launch file, you can use the same one you created in the previous unit, move_base_map.launch. I have already updated the notebooks to fix this confusion.

Also, in order to navigate the robot you need to keep going with the Step 2 section, create the start_navsat.launch and robot_localization_with_gps.yaml files and the final updated version of start_navigation_with_gps_ekf.launch, which is what substitutes AMCL in this unit. I think you are missing this part and that’s why you are getting the localization error.