Quiz Submit problem - Unit 3 - Could not launch topics_quiz package successfully

Hi all, I have a problem with submitting the quiz in Unit 3 in the ROS2 Basics Python course.

To the point, I created a topics_quiz package, the application is working (in my tests), but when I’ve tried to submit the quiz every single time I received the same answer:

This is the strange part because I verified the name of the launch file and I also run this command:

After 3 tries, a little bit angry about it, because I have very similar problems in the C++ course, I’ve checked the solution. The code is similar, the solution should work also during the test.

So because of that, may somebody explain to me what is wrong with my app? Since it is a part of the “Get started with ROS2” Learning Path it would be nice to know what I did wrong and try not to do this in the future… Also I cannot mark Unit 3 as completed (with 3 points) so it disqualifies me from completing this course. Should it work like this?

The problem doesn’t exist in Unit 4. May someone from Tech team explain this? I did everything the same way -.-

Hello @mondiegus9 ,

Looking at the logs, I see that the problem is that you are doing an import of a custom external package, here:

from custom_interfaces.msg import Age

The autocorrection script only compiles the topics_quiz package (in this case), so if you import any other of your packages, it’s going to fail. I’ll do some modifications to the Quiz to make this point more clear.

Well, it makes sense but then it would be very nice to have an access to this log. This problem might be fixed in 5 seconds, but feedback information from the bot was completely not useful.

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