Quiz correction)_ drone_take_off

I have submitted my code for first and I got decent score but bot full. The grader says my code doesn’t help to take it off. But while I am launching the code, it is taking off properly as per description. Find my code below and please tell me what are the errors. Preformatted text

I have got score = 8 . anyhow.

Hello @shravistakashyap,

I did some tests with your code and I got a mark of 10. Did you try to run again the corrector?


I will try today and let you know.


It is working now. And I have some doubt regarding action. Action server has to record the positions of the drone in a period of 20 seconds and has to print the message of the last position. Whereas motion service has to move the drone for a period of 5 seconds (is that inclusive of take-off and landing too).
Where the main program has to start the service and action according to this specification only, right.
Or is it have to do in any other sense.

And the main program node has to call the service server and action server means we need to do this using launch file right?