Python 3 virtual environment and special workspace no long exist after update

I am trying to go back and execute my two squares program to show my fellow study group. However, when I execute the following commands I get the error “No such file or directory”

source ~/.py3venv/bin/activate
source ~/.catkin_ws_python3/devel/setup.bash

I can see the directories if I list with ls -a but I can’t cd into them. I started noticing this after the upgrade to Noetic. All my files were gone and I had to request them and upload them back to my workspace and now I can’t activate the environment. I also had to make a copy of robot_control in my workspace.

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Hello @mewescott ,

Yes, that’s right. Those sources were required when working with ROS Kinetic in order to be able to use Python 3. In ROS Noetic, though, Python3 already comes by default, so it’s no longer required to do these sources. You will be using Python3 out of the box.