Problems with links in ROS Perception in 5 Days Book

Hi, I can’t open the link of my book Perception in 5 days

I open my unit 1 of perception in one day and and error: can’t launch node cmvision/colorgui

Hi @yaeldeancona,

I apologize for this problem. Please let us look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, could you please tell us the other two books you bought?

Thank you for answering me,
I got
ROS Navigation in 5 days
ROS Basics in 5 days
ROS Perception in 5 days

I hope you can fix it soon.

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Tthe problem still, I can’t do the projects of the book Ros Perception in 5 days. I write in several ways and I don’t get help with this.

Hi @yaeldeancona,

I apologize again. We have scheduled a review of the books for next week so that they work with the current system. Will keep you posted.