No files in the code interface

All the files I build before part 3 disappeared.

Hello @xinyi.l.0310 ,

it sometimes happens (not often) that the IDE does not show the files and folders. In that case you need to close/open the course for the IDE to refresh. Since some hours have passed, most probably the IDE should be showing the files and folders by now.
Could you please confirm if it is ok?



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Hi @xinyi.l.0310

Your files are not lost, just that the IDE did not show them. I apologize for this glitch.

I see that you are using a number of devices, the last one being a Mac. And you have also tried he Safari browser. Please note that we don’t support Safari at the moment, and the IDE might not load in it. Chrome or Firefox works.

For all your devices, please refresh the browser to get the latest app version, where we have added an improvement for the IDE. Please let us know if you still see this issue, especially on your Mac, after the update.