News about the certificate issue for the "ros beginner course in 5 days"?

I have realised that there have been some recent changes regarding the matter of certificates on the websites. I can no longer see the final exam for the “ros for beninners learning paths” and apparently in order to get the certificate for the beginner course I need to complete the real roboto project.

how can I get more infos about how the point are given and what is evaluated? do I really need to test my code on the real robot?

thank you.

Hello @patruska ,

Yes, the certificate from the path has been removed and replaced by certificates for individual courses.

In order to get the course certificates is necessary to complete the real robot project and also to do the live presentation of your project. You can see how the scores are given by clicking on the View Scores button of the course details page:

It isn’t that fun subscribing with a plan in mind and see the website get completely reworked and the objective one had moved further away and made much more convoluted. If I want to subscribe now I would know before doing it, but now it is really annoying to see.

By “how scores are given” I refer to “what gives me score”, like the equivalent of what quizzes were before, but I guess it’s a " human given" mark based on the presentation.

You are right, we should have given some notice. I apologize for the confusion. I have just re-enabled the path exam so that you can complete what you already started. We will remove this certificate completely within 2 months.

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Hi @patruska
you are right that we should not change the path without notice. I apologize for this change. As you can see, the team have re-enabled now and provided a notice of removal in 2 months.

However, the new certificate is a lot faster to obtain because you only need to do one course, the ROS Basics course (including its project). With the old plan you need to do 4 full courses with their quizzes, plus take an exam.

On the new one, you only do one course with its quizzes and then the project with the real robot. You have to present your project in order to defend and demonstrate that you know the subject and you have not copied. Additionally, explaining is the ultimate tool for learning deeper.
Of course the evaluation of the project is done by humans, the teachers of the academy, and the score is based on how much you really know the project.

I hope that you understand that this change makes you learn a lot deeper and also provides more value to the certificate because we can be sure the students that have that certificate did not copy and know the subject.

I apologize for the trouble we caused you, and I hope you understand that we do those changes in the aim to provide you more value.

Keep pushing your ROS learning!

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My problem isn’t really with the structure of the course. Has you said it is faster and drops some courses that are quite heavy to be done one after another. If I started today I would be happier to have the new version of the evaluation than the old one. I’m actually a bit envious of this who are starting the courses right now.
If I had to plan it now I would go for the basic coursr and the navigation one with certifications instead of doing the full basics leaning paths, but I knew what I signed for.

You can still do that if you want @patruska . Nothing prevents you from doing it.
Also remember that the real intention on doing the courses is knowledge. Certificates are just the cherry of the cake, not the cake :wink:

of course hombre, I know. my objective is to learn and have something to prove that I know what I claim to know since I’m planning on getting a job in the field and every certificate is useful.
passing the exam almost certainly implies that I know the topics.
anyhow I have just been confirmed by a recruiter that on a working level ros in c++ is more often required, so maybe I’m going to do the beginner course in c++ too and get the certification in the new way.

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