My .bashrc file lost

In the .bashrc file you wrote that:

# -----------------------------------------------------
#           Note from The Construct
# -----------------------------------------------------
# This file will be saved together with your rosject.
# Add your custom exports at the end of this file. E.g.:
#   export MY_SETTING=value
#   export GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH=$GAZEBO_RESOURCE_PATH:/home/user/simulation_ws/src/my_package
# -----------------------------------------------------

But after reloads my .bashrc lost((

Hi @moh,

thank you for reporting it.

I see that another student reported the same problem.

I’m going to review the code to see what is wrong, fix it, and then I’ll let you know when the code is on production (hopefully in a few hours).


And again…(
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Hi @moh,

we made some changes and yesterday we did a deployment.

Now you should not lose the changes in your .bashrc file.

Thanks for reporting it.


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