Model not showing in Gazebo

I’m working on the 2.2.2 section. But I’m not able to spawn the model in gazebo.

The following command starts an empty gazebo world

ros2 launch my_box_bot_gazebo

The following command starts rviz (I can see the model in rviz) but nothing happens in Gazebo.

ros2 launch my_box_bot_gazebo spawn_robot_ros2.launch.xml

Can someone help me out with this… I’m a complete beginner and not being able to launch a “hello world” example is really frustrating.

PS: I’m not getting any error message or anything.

Hi @ale.moreno991, welcome to the community!

Do you get any kind of output from the terminal where you are executing the command

ros2 launch my_box_bot_gazebo spawn_robot_ros2.launch.xml


If you don’t see anything when you launch it, then you would have to go into that file to try to see what is going on. Can you share the contents?

I know ROS2 is quite challenging, so I also recommend taking the ROS2 Basics Python course so you get a better idea of what you are doing when trying to create a robot in ROS2. Take a special look at how launch files work.

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