Linux exam failed but all tasks were executed


I just finished my exam the Linux for Robotics course and I got marked with a zero while all tasks were executed properly upon testing. After the scoring, I also rechecked and verified that I followed all instructions. As this affects my final grade in the university course, this is quite important to me. This could also be a random thing because the page seemed to have problems before I got the result.

I would appreciate you looking into the reason for the result I got.

Thank you.

Hi @petrouli_g,

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What was the feedback from the grader? Please share a screenshot here. After the grader is done, it should display some feedback. Also, there’s a button beside the “start quiz” button that displays the last feedback from the grader when clicked.

Hello @petrouli_g ,

In your case, I think the problem is that your scripts don’t have execution permissions. If you give it to them with:

chmod +x <script>.sh

The grader should work properly. I will update the corrector of this Exam to avoid this kind of issue.


Hello! :slight_smile:

Here are the screenshots I took. I had to collate them to upload them all. I didn’t get any feedback other than this small green window. Can I retake the exam now?

Thank you!

Hello @petrouli_g ,

Yes, if you try to correct the exam again everything should work fine. Remember to give execution permissions to your scripts.


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Hi @petrouli_g,

we have been investigating why you were not receiving any feedback on which tasks of the quiz failed, and we found it was a problem in our system.

It is now fixed. If you submit the quiz again, now you should receive feedback while the auto-correction system is running.

Please let us know if you find any other problems, and thanks for reporting the problem.


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Hello @albertoezquerro, hello @ralves,

Thank you for your feedback! I took again the exam, made the scripts executable and I had a 10 mark, so I suppose it is ok now. I would suggest that this would be mentioned in the exercise, since it is mandatory to complete it successfully.

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