Lengthy/Infinite Rosject Loading Issue

We are having issues with users loading forked Rosjects for our course. Multiple users reported being stuck on “preparing rosject files” when opening a rosject. One user reported a 45 minute load time. Refreshing and restarting the browser did not seem to work. Additionally they have tried multiple browsers (e.g. chrome, firefox, safari, edge etc.). They have taken internet speed tests and that does not seem to be a factor. Most users were able to open the rosject in a timely manner.

What could be causing the discrepancy? Could it be a browser cache issue? Do you have any tips on things we could try?

Hi @gmocsary ,

We are investigating what happened there, but we still don’t have enough information.

Would you mind to share this specific rosject (use a rosject share link) with me by e-mail?

Could you also attach a screenshot of the problem? It would help us to have a better idea about the issue you are suffering.


Hi Gregory,
we found the problem with the student with large loading time. The problem is that he created a rosbag file of 25GB inside the rosject. That is more than what our system can manage, so it ended in a long loop of trying to save it for a long time (there is an autosave every 10 minutes and anytime when you close or change of rosject).
In general, do not create bag files larger than 1Gb. That is at present one of our limitations. Your rosject can be larger than that, but we actually do not recommend it unless extremely necessary because it takes a long time to move Gb from one place to another.

We are working to improve our system on that point. We will keep you informed.