Joint state vs odometry

What is difference between joint state and odometry, and is it possible to extract odometry from JointState.msg?

Odometry tell the values of position, orientation, linear and angular speed of the ROBOT as a single entity.

Joint state: tells the values of EACH JOINT in the robot.

Real life example:
Lets say you are in a park, The odometry reading will tell you where you are in the park, your orinetation, and your speed (if you are standing still or walking).

Now Joint state will tell the location of each skeletal joint in your body. Say you have extended your hand with your palm facing the ground, then your elbow joint is at a 90 degree from your starting position.This way, just using the values we know about each skeletal joint, we can tell your posture / pose.

Hope this helped.

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I don’t think so ,since Joint_state can only tell where each joint is with respect to its starting position, say the joint is at 93 degree, when its initial position was 0. Using the final position of 93 degree and starting 0 degrees, we can’t tell the position of the ENTIRE ROBOT , only for that joint.

Say you have turned your neck to look at your right side. Now you know that you have turned your head 90 degree, but just using this 90 degree of the neck, we can’t tell where you are in the park or your speed.

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