Issue with basic real robot project

Hi there, yesterday I opened the basic real robot project which is a part of 5 days ros course, everything was fine and I was able to see the instructions for the project, however today once I opened it, I am not able to find those instructions and just a new/blank .ipynb is opening and those instructions have disappeared. Thanks

Click on file and hit open, there is probably a file in there named default.ipynb. Try that out and see if it works for you!

Hi, this method didn’t worked for me as I think that file got deleted but I didn’t deleted it myself, Is there any method to get the file back, can you send it to me so that I can upload it again or what if I delete the rosject and install it again? Thanks

Hello @navjotsinghsodhi52 ,

You should remove this copy of the rosject (from your rosjects page) and get a new one by clicking again on the rosject link provided in the course notebooks. In case you have created any package in the rosject, just download it from your current rosject and upload it to the new one.

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