In Navigation, the local map is out of sync with the global map

When I first start the Navigation, the local map and the global map match well. When I press 2D_Nav_Goal in RViz, the robot’s position starts to move as the navigation progresses and the local and global maps don’t match. How can I fit the robot’s location (Local Map) to the Global Map?

I am writing my robot code, following the ROS_Navigation_5_Days course. I’m adjusting Local & Global Cost Map parameters in Path Planning.



I fixed a mistake in ackermann steering controller :
wheel_separation_h: 0.190 → 0.200
wheel_radius: 0.030 → 0.035

I changed the odom_model_type in amcl.launch :
odom_model_type: diff → diff-corrected

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Great @jysah , thank you for sharing the solution!