IMU Matrix clarification

The text states: (taken from the page in section 4)
As configured below, the filter will use angular velocity in š‘§ and linear acceleration in š‘„ from the IMU
[false, false, false,
false, false, true,
false, false, false,
false, false, true,
true, false, false]
I highlighted the three true in the matrix but as stated above we only require angular velocity in z and acceleration in x. I read the configuration as: z angular position, z angular velocity and x acceleration. Is position needed if using velocity or is this configured incorrectly for the given requirements as stated above ? Iā€™m doing the project and realized I need some clarification on this.

Hello @hskramer ,

Actually yes, it is recommended to use orientation values when fusing IMU data. I will update the notebook to avoid confusions like this.