Im taking a course but i am stuck i cannot find solutions anywhere

so im doing the learn autonomous navigation in 5 days, but i am stuck because im suppose to write a client to a service, there is no solution that i can find, and other tutorials that explain how to write a client for services doesent work!

im trying to write a client for /static_map in excerice 2.7 in day 2. and the other tutorials does not explain the process sufficiently to adress these errors. i went to youtube and in the tutorial for this day, there was comments on the samething, people cant find the solutions, the creator reacts to this and says they are there, but does not specify where

Hello @HansByager ,

In case you have a regular license, you will find the link to the solutions at the end of the notebook. If you have a student license(the license was assigned to you by a teacher/manager), then you’ll need to ask your teacher/manager for the solutions because they are only available for him.



Could you please clarify the name of this course and the unit you are on so that we can be sure…? You can even provide a link to the course and/or share a screenshot.

first try ros basic in 5 days, it has exercise for client and server service with python