IDE not loading in Basic Arm kinematics course

I am having problem of loading IDE for last one hour, is there any problem in construct site?


Me and another guy have the same problem. So I think there is something with the construct site…

I am having the exact same issue but in the course ROS Basics in 5 Days (Python)

Ok. Thanks for quick response

Well, I have the same issue with all the courses I have tried. And you ?

I am having such type of problem this time in course Basic Arm Kinematics. have you done this course?

I was in “ROS basics in days (C++)” when the problem arrived. But even if I try to go into my course “ROS basics in 5 days (Python)” or “ROS navigation” I have the same problem too… :frowning:

@misbahsuhail123 @val.laurent.vl @GasPatxo
I apologize for this glitch. It was fixed on Saturday.

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