How to set Robot initial pose from web interface?

i’ve done mapping and navigation for my web interface but to set initial pose i use Rviz,
I would like to set the robot initial pose from the interface using double click but the event fires the navigation goal topic not the /initial_pose topic.

your help is much appreciated.
thanks in advance.

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Hi @mohamedSaleh77 ,

You can try gazebo services available to reset robot position to initial pose and use rosbridge service client to call it.

Check this method, from the official docs of roslibjs, for example

// Calling a service
  67   // -----------------
  69   var addTwoIntsClient = new ROSLIB.Service({
  70     ros : ros,
  71     name : '/add_two_ints',
  72     serviceType : 'rospy_tutorials/AddTwoInts'
  73   });
  75   var request = new ROSLIB.ServiceRequest({
  76     a : 1,
  77     b : 2
  78   });
  80   addTwoIntsClient.callService(request, function(result) {
  81     console.log('Result for service call on '
  82       +
  83       + ': '
  84       + result.sum);
  85   });

You need to adjust to the correct service name and type, and pass the correct parameters as well


Thank you for your reply

I’ve done it by creating a publisher to /initial_pose taking the pose with covariance from navigator.js
Thanks & Regards

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Hello. I’m also having a problem with this issue. I can’t set the initial pose from web interface. Can you guide me to set the initial pose from web interface? Thank you.