How to do presentation of rosject on real robot but real robot not compatible with distro


I did rosject for the navigation course. The course was in galactic but the distro of the rosject was foxy. So I adapted my files for foxy but I had a lot of problems because of bt_navigator and navigate to pose that was working one time and then only failing. I had to stop everything and launch all again to do one action again. I found the post below that talked about the same problem and it seems that it’s linked to foxy and it was corrected in galactic so I migrated everything to galactic.
Now everything is stable and works great so I wanted to try on the real robot to prepare the live presentation and get the nav certificate but the real robot isn’t compatible with Ros2 galactic.

I can’t present the code working correctly to have the certificate. What can I do? go back to foxy again but with something unstable?

Hi @pabled91 ,

Good question.
When I did my presentation, I was on ROS2 Foxy. Things were stable. I did not use Galactic.

So here is my advice to you. Have two copies of the rosject - one with Foxy and one with Galactic.
Add all the necessary files for each version of rosject.

Then check each version on the real robot. One of them should definitely work.

Are you sure you have the ros bridge running correctly?

I hope this helps.


While going through this post, I came across another useful post that might help you.

If I understand your question properly,

but the real robot isn’t compatible with Ros2 galactic.

By that you mean that two different versions are being used in Real Robot and your ROSJect? If that is the case, I think it should not cause any issues as long as your topics are consistent publisher and subscriber nodes.

@girishkumar.kannan @munn33b It’s a the construct problem that doesn’t allow another ROS2 than foxy


I’m going to keep the galactic and do the foxy next aside

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Hi @pabled91,

we have been working on this issue this week.

You now should be able to connect to the Turtlebot using Galactic without any problems.


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