How do I see what I failed in a quiz or exam?

Would also be nice to see what I got wrong on an exam. I just finished the core foundations exam. I passed, but I had tested everything before I submitted, so I was expecting a higher score. Would be helpful to understand what I had gotten wrong.

Hi @comm,

There is a screen that pops up when you submitted the exam. This screen should give a report of what worked and what did, as the grading progresses. If this was not the case for you, could you please share a screenshot of what you get?

The grading was taking long time, so I stepped away to do something else. By the time I returned the system had timed out and there was no way to see.

Please resubmit the exam and kindly wait patiently this time so that you can see the live feedback.

OK. Since the instructions had said we could only submit once, I didn’t want to mess anything up.

Huh, that must be a bug, as you can try up to 5 times for quizzes and infinite times for exams. We’ll correct that, sorry.