How can I have two ROS distros in the same rosject?

I want to replicate the ROS2 Manipulation Basics exercises as a rosject. That requires both ROS Noetic as well as Foxy because we are using the grasping_msg library in ROS2 and the Movit setup in ROS1 and then bridging the actions and parameters between the two.

Hi @Irfan45 ,

I believe that you can make use of the ros1_bridge with parameter_bridge to bridge all the ROS1 with ROS2. You can then program with ROS2 and communicate with ROS1 topics after initializing the bridge.

Currently, ROS2 based rosjects do come with ROS1 pre-installed. So you will have both ROS1 and ROS2 in your rosject environment.

Make sure that the simulation environment in rosject is same as in the course exercises. If they don’t match then you may not be able run your exercises on rosject environment without the simulation files.

I hope this helps.


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