How can i get evaluated for my ROS Basics real project

I already finished the course, but i cant get in contact to anybody for the final evaluation. I sent the mail to info but i don’t have an answer yet.

Hello @RomuloPerez,

thank you for getting in touch via the help forum. You did the right thing since I looked up for your e-mail and saw that it was inside the spawn folder and therefore it went unnoticed.

I forwarded your request to @roalgoal and he or another member of the staff will get in touch with you to discuss this further.



Thank you for the info! @rzegers

Hello @rzegers,

Still without answer in the email.

I do not understand why is so hard to get in communication with TheConstruct people.

Hi @RomuloPerez sorry for the mixup, I have sent you an email to setup a presentation. Let me know if you don’t see it so we make sure it’s not going to your spam folder