Hello i have an error that in the terminal when i run the task three of the exam python part it goes correctly but in the gradeot i found that its wrong can you help me i will provide my code and i wish that you help me thankyou

from robot_control_class import RobotControl

import math

class ExamControl:

    def get_laser_readings(self):

        output = []

        rc = RobotControl()

        laser = rc.get_laser_full()



        return output


    def main(self):

        rc = RobotControl()

        d_left, d_right = self.get_laser_readings()

        print(d_left, d_right)

        while True:


            d_left, d_right = self.get_laser_readings()

            print(d_left, d_right)

            if ( math.isinf(d_left)) and ( math.isinf(d_right)):



testMove = ExamControl()


Hi @ghassan11,

the instructions in the notebooks could be saying that you should not call the main function “testMove.main()” when submitting your code for correction.

I would recommend you review the instructions and submit the quiz again.

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