Graphical window pops up now and then when i return to the shell

I was running rviz in a separate tab, yet now and then, when i come back to shell, the graphical window keeps popping up. Can you turn off this feature?

Hi @Joseph1001 ,

Thank you for reporting, the pop-up should only happens when a graphical window is detected in the backgrounds for the first time.

Could you share which command you have run in the shell to raise this persistent pop-up behavior?

I was running rviz, but in a separate window.

(Note that i am seeing less of this error lately.)

I understand, since you have it opened in another window/tab, the pop-up is not helpful at all.

I’m setting up priority to this matter.
Thank you for your patience and for reporting.

I’ll keep you updated about the next improvements soon

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Thanks for looking into this and fast action.

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