Gazebo model with big size and lot of collisions

Hello guys,
Is there some way how to optimalize performance of model with a lot of size and collisions, in our project we need model like that but robot in simulation moving slow as 1mm after 2 minutes.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
CPU: Intel Core i5-4460

I cant imagine what hardware would need to handle this simulation.
Model in simulation isnt something enormous like disney world , its just robot inside a train.

Thanks for all the answer that brings me closer to the goal.

Hi @PieterT-CODES ,

You can improve the physics calculation by using simple geometry shapes for the collision property of models/robots.

I don’t know about the materials/textures used for the visual, but if you have a proper GPU configured, and the simulation is not that heavy, it should not be a performance problem.

These are just hints about how to improve, but I can’t say nor measure in numbers how much it could be improved. You need to change the models and test to figure it out.

You could also test models separated and check if there is a specific one that is loading the system the most. If alone they are not heavy for your CPU/GPU, then consider the physics engine and collisions.

I hope it can help you.


Thanks for your answer
We thing there is problem with GPU configuration cause gzserver taking just 1mb from graphic card. Here is output from gaphic card usage while robot model moving in simulation.

I think gzserver should take more than 1MB and that is reason why my simulation is so slow. Simulation has good FPS around 60 but when moving robot in little bit more collisions its horrible slow.
What should I do to solve that problem ?

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