Free Course IDE not loading

Hello, i am new to ROS and trying the free courses of constructsim…i am doing course Python3 for robotics, but when i open the course…IDE window only in waiting mode …i tried many times but couldnot see the files or workspace appear in IDE, as my IDE is in wait mode…
Kindly help

Which browser are you using? We support Chrome and Firefox.

Also, check if you have any adblocker that may interfere.

i m using firefox. ubuntu xenial

Have you tried reloading the IDE by using the following button at the bottom of the IDE area?

Hi @cool.chips18 ,

could it be also that you are using Firefox in Incognito mode? If that is the case, could you try opening without Incognito mode?

If none of the options proposed so far work, could you try using Google Chrome?

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