Files disappeared from the src folder

All my packages disappeared from the src folder of my workspace. They where there yesterday evening and I didn’t delete them. The devel and build folders of the workspace are still the same.
Is there a problem with ROS Development Studio?

Pease give us all the details about your situation: which rosject where you opening, which ROS distribution you are using for that rosject, what does the rosject contains…

If what happened to you is just that src looks empty, it usually is due to a lag in the refresh of the directory (this means, waiting a little bit more, the src directory gets populated). If that is not your case, let’s have a look.

Do not worry about losing your files, we do many backups at different times so in case that something went wrong, we can recover up to the last saving

I’m working on my “Tiago-navigation” rosject using ROS Melodic which contains among others the Tiago robot, a gazebo simulation and knowrob.
The files did not show up after 5-10min and I’ve already tried reloading the rosject and refreshing the page. So, my guess is that it is not due to a lag.

Ok got it. We will recover the files on Monday morning and analize why that problem happened.
Then we will come back to you

Hi Judith,

I already sent you an email about this but, here again, I’m requesting the share link of the specific rosject you are talking about. There are a number of your rosjects with the word “Tiago”, so I would like to be sure about the one you are talking about. There is one with the exact name you mentioned but it was last saved on December 17, 2020.

Files were recovered

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