Feedback Control Unit4

I am facing error in topic 4.4 Simulation of the Robot-Controller System in Gazebo of unit 4. The program is showing error, file and error image are attached


Hello @misbahsuhail123 ,

Please try running the script directly with Python, like this:


You might also check that you’ve properly generated the data.bag file and that it is in the expected path: '/home/user/catkin_ws/src/data.bag'


Thanks alberto its working now, but still one thing that each time when i open this unit and run the file it asks for
sympy missing, i install it with pip install sympy, and it worked, cannot be any permanent solution for it? I am sending you the images, pls have a look.

Thanks for ur help

Hello @misbahsuhail123 ,

Yes, for now, it’s necessary to install it each time you open the course. We are going to look into a solution to have it permanently installed. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you Alberto for quick reply.

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