Expected Behavior for Exercise 2.2

According to the text, “you will see two important things. The first is a spectacular open-source pictura from NASA in the graphical tools, and the second is that in the direction you launch this file, you will have a new image. Yes, you’re right, it is a picture taken from your drone.”

I don’t have a problem with the first part but with the second expected behavior. What should I find exactly? Thanks in advance!

Hello @sara.aldhaheri ,

You should find an image in the path where you executed your program. It’ll be omething similar to this (depend on the position/orientation of the drone at the moment of taking the picture):

drone_image (1)

If you don’t find the image, look for it in the path /home/user/.ros since it might be there.


My issue was that I used:

roslaunch unit2 <mylaunchfile.launch> instead of rosrun load_image.py

rosrun creates the drone_image.jpg file but roslaunch does not.

The real time view was also only available after completing exercise 2.3 not at the end of exercise 2.2

Thank you @albertoezquerro